SYRIA: Vanessa Beeley Speaks at the UPR Conference in Paris, March 25th 2017

The Wall Will Fall

IMG_1100Kids in Hanano, East Aleppo, 24 hours after liberation from Nusra Front-led occupation, by the SAA and allies. December 2016 ( Photo: Vanessa Beeley)

What follows is a speech I gave at the UPR [Union Populaire Republicaine] Conference/Election Campaign launch/10 years anniversary, on Saturday the 25th March in Paris, in front of 6,500 people. Francois Asselineau, leader of the UPR is the “surprise” candidate in the French elections. A man of integrity, with a long history in politics, who stands against NATO, supports leaving the EU, and above all destests France’s policy of intervention and destabilization of sovereign nations.

Thank you to M Francois Asselineau for allowing me to speak so openly about Syria, Yemen and the NATO & Gulf state destruction of these countries. Due to time constraints, I had to omit certain parts of the speech or alter it slightly, but this is the gist of it:

“My name is…

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