camera: nikon d7000 – lens: 18-55mm kit lens – focal: 18mm – iso: 100 – f/11 – exposure time: 1/6

I waited on that rocky beach for 3 hours to get that sun-setting light like that.

On my last day in Gotland I already had all the shots I wanted except those from this place that is called “Helgumannen fiskeläge”.

It’s an old fisherman’s village, I wanted to photograph it at sunset so I waited a lot. While waiting I tested several compositions and I placed a mark on the ground so that at the right moment at sunset I was able to quickly move on those marks, recreate the composition and take the photos.

This is the first photo I took during that session. I like the way the sun lit the environment, showing some parts more then the others. I paid attention to leave just a little bit of space between the houses in the background while keeping 2/3 of the boat in the framing on the foreground. I also like the fact that this two elements (the little space between the houses and the tip of the boat in the foreground) are places on the same third of the photo.

The moon is in the centre on top of the photo but unfortunately is not a full moon.


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